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After practicing General Medicine for years in Colorado Springs, Dr. Ben Johnson became interested in Integrative Medicine because of his own health challenges. He has practiced IM for the last 19 years, specializing in breast cancer prevention and integrative cancer treatments for all cancers.

He has published a book to help women keep their breasts healthy called The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom. Recently, he gained the “best seller” title with his book The Healing Codes, which he co-authored with Alex Loyd, N.D. Dr. Ben is currently writing a new book on Thermography because early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer and infrared imaging (Thermography) is the only imaging device that allows for early detection.

Dr. Ben has spoken extensively on radio and television broadcasts as well as being the only medical doctor on the #1 selling DVD The Secret, which explores the power of positive thinking.

Dr. Ben does concierge oncology and travels the world helping cancer victims become survivors with his alternative and integrative approaches to healing.